Although it’s not a disease we are talking about, this phenomenon is spreading. Just like laughter can be infectious so can ‘pump riding’ on your favourite bike, scooter or skateboard.

So we’ve searched the globe looking for the Top 5 Reasons why people in towns, councils, municipalities, business owners, not-for-profit organisations and clubs are investing in this contagious riding activity originating from the Czech Republic in Europe.

#1 Reason – It’s healthy to have fun

Creating laughter, happiness and joy amongst riders of all ages can have enormous health benefits. Feeling good is directly linked with better health, longer life and greater well being in numerous scientific studies. Here’s a blog we recently enjoyed reading from Harvard Health Publishing which shares more about the happiness-health connection.

#2 Reason – Active kids concentrate better

Active kids are fitter, have stronger muscles and bones, concentrate better in class and are more confident, and these are just some of the many benefits physical activity provides.  In the latest 2018 Report Card on Physical Activity of Children and Young People, Active Healthy Kids Australia (AHKA) outlines why it is so important to provide kids of all ages and all abilities an opportunity to ‘move more’. Check the summary version here

#3 Reason – Connected people are good people

Big statement I know. From 5 Ways Social Connection Makes you Healthier, Jessica Stillman writes :  According to the latest science, those who feel connected to others “have higher self-esteem, are more empathic to others, more trusting and cooperative and, as a consequence, others are more open to trusting and cooperating with them. 

We know that pump track riders enjoy being part of a community – a connection whether that is online or in their local town or neighbourhood. They share photos, stories and are really great at helping new riders – young and the not so young anymore. Pump track riders have proven to be a respectful and connected breed of people.

#4 Reason – Reduce the burden on the health care system

To help reduce the burden on Australia’s health care system, let’s provide more free local opportunities for people to easily enjoy good old fashioned fun activities like riding bikes and scooters safely – for example the installation of modular pumptrack parks in local suburbs – it’s that simple.  AKHA confirmed : We need immediate action in order to get our kids moving more everyday — they need to engage in activities that will get them ‘huffing and puffing’ as well as strengthening and developing their muscles and bones to ensure they are healthy heading into adulthood.

#5 Reason – Multi generational and cultural play benefits

75% of children prefer outdoor play with parents or grandparents over video games

We especially love this one at Parkitect Australia HQ.  As Kent Callison wrote so perfectly in his article Multigenerational Play,  from toddlers to teenagers, to those in their twenties all the way up to grandparents, multigenerational play provides significant physical, emotional and social benefits. 

And to add to this, regardless of riders cultural background, riding a modular pumptrack gives them something they have in common while they are having fun! We’ve seen this so many times now – it’s simply proven across the globe!

Here’s a few cool clips to show you just what we mean.

Courtesy Luca Riemer: Germany

Courtesy ABC Goldfields-Esperance: Australia

Published On: April 1st, 2019Categories: Product Reviews, Public Parks and Play Spaces