What is a Modular Pumptrack?

Above all, the Modular Pumptrack is awesome fun.

It’s the pump track riders trust.

And it inspires safe fun for all ages – anyone who loves to ride a bike, scooter or skateboard.

How we take the guess work out of pump tracks.

Our distinctive pump track design, significantly reduces the time (and cost) it takes to produce a guaranteed ridable result, for all seasons.

Made of either precast concrete, fibreglass, or composite, all pump track designs meet the Australian Standard.

The Modular Pumptrack System uses pre-engineered, certified modules to create bumps and turns designed to propel riders around the track without pedalling.

Parkitect’s proven pump track geometry creates the safest, most enjoyable playspace on wheels.

Kids pick it up pretty quickly.

Modular Pumptracks are excellent for riders of all ages and skill levels.

They’re great for beginners as they learn to ride.  And they’re safer to learn on compared to riding on the road.

As riders become more confident, they increase their skills in balance and movement. More experienced riders learn to gather momentum and speed, navigating the turns and bumps like the pros.

Save Riders naturally move in one direction, avoiding collision.

Modular Pumptracks accommodate multiple users at the same time – all year round.

Why is a pump track called a pump track?

The ‘pump’ in a pump track is made possible by its two components, Rollers and Berms.

What is a Modular Pumptrack? Kids Love to Ride Bikes and Scooters

Rollers: These are the bumps in the track.

What is a Modular Pumptrack? Ryan Gilchrist shows how to ride a pump track

Berms: The berms are the corners of the track.

“Pump” refers to the pushing-down and pulling-up action performed by riders as they make their way around the track.

It’s a thrilling ride, where users experience an up-and-down feeling of weightlessness, just like the drops and climbs in a roller-coaster, but on a micro-level.

Pump tracks are designed this way so they can be ridden completely without the need for pushing and pedalling.

What are the benefits of the Modular Pumptrack System

A guaranteed rideable result

Proven to suit all ages on all wheels

Creates a safe space to ride

Keeping fit & having fun

Connecting people

What is a Modular Pumptrack? Ribbon is cut on new pump track on Australia Day 2020
  • Our all season Modular Pumptrack gives instant confidence to every rider, every time they ride
  • Promotes participation in physical activity through fun whilst reducing sedentary behaviour
  • Provides a genuine intergenerational play space
  • Is a very relatable play space across all cultures
  • Riders of all ages, all skill levels can ride at the same time
  • Riders of Bikes, scooters and skateboards can all have fun on a Modular Pumptrack and ride at the same time

Parkitect Modular Pumptracks offer the safest and most awesome fun for all ages –  all year round.

What is a Modular Pumptrack? New 2022 Fibreglass Modular Pumptrack - Park Edition
  • Feedback shows high level of parent and guardian satisfaction
  • Parkitect’s Modular Pumptracks can be customised to fit in with the environment and existing playground infrastructure
  • Modular Pumptracks offer a proven recreational facility for both indoor and outdoor playspaces
  • A pump track easily re-activates a space, like an old tennis court or piece of unused land
  • Made from durable, sustainable materials, Modular Pumptracks are made to last and require minimal maintenance
  • Assembly is quick and easy – it’s DIY – no need for specialist trades
  • You can easily move around, relocate, expand or change the design of your pump track

Parkitect Modular Pumptracks are the easiest way to create a socially inclusive on-trend playspace.

  • CEO

    Shire of Laverton

    Our old skate park was out of date and the equipment needed replacing and updating. In conjunction with the local youth, through our Youth Centre, it was decided to look at a different system rather than replacing like with like, and the Modular Pumptrack was seen as an ideal alternative.

    The response from the community and the riders has been extremely positive, the youth were in attendance whilst the modules were being pieced together and could hardly wait to be let “loose”.

  • Executive Director

    BIG4 Bendigo Ascot Holiday Park

    Guests in the park are loving the Modular Pumptrack.

    Guest feedback about our new pump track has been overwhelmingly positive.

    We needed to provide a safe and fun area for kids to ride their scooters in the park and this has been the perfect solution.

  • Regional Play Consultant

    Urban Play

    Parkitect Australia provided simple easy solutions with various Modular Pumptrack designs, easy-to-install instructions and the tracks are built from strong materials.

There are more than 400 Parkitect Modular Pumptracks worldwide

Inspiring happiness with award-winning designs since 2006

Modular Pumptracks are loved by everyone

  • Families with young kids & teens
  • Children learning to balance
  • Youth who love all wheeled sports
  • General fitness for all ages
  • Enthusiasts looking for a challenge
  • Athletes keen to improve skills
  • Spectators enjoying the action
  • Dads who never grow up!
  • What is a Modular Pumptrack? This Landscape Edition by Parkitect Australia is made from Precast Concrete
  • What is a Modular Pumptrack? Ryan Gilchrist shows how to ride an orange pump track
  • What is a Modular Pumptrack? Children riding precast concrete pump track on Australia Day 2020