Managing Your Modular Pumptrack Project

Parkitect’s 4-Step Process

The process of creating your neighbourhood, holiday park or community pump track is easy and hassle-free

Firstly, we discuss your project brief and understand your goals. We also start to explore ideas for your ideal Modular Pumptrack design based on your allocated budget and space. Selecting the site is an important step to ensuring successful pump track assembly, so we’ll discuss this in detail too.

Considerations during this step include:

  • The needs of the local community and visitors to the area
  • The size of area allocated for a pump track
  • The environment in which the pump track will be built
  • Are there nearby trees?
  • Will it be near other pieces of play equipment?
  • What’s the ground surface like?
  • Whether you need a permanent or more flexible solution
  • Will a composite, precast concrete or fibreglass solution work better for your needs?

Parkitect’s design team will also consider:

  • The timeframe for installing your new track
  • What resources you’ll need for assembly
  • Which shipping port is closest to the pump track location
  • Will you need transportation from the shipping port to the pump track site?
  • And finally, your budget

In the second phase, we create a pump track design and proposal that meets your project criteria. The Parkitect team will work alongside you or your chosen landscape designer, master planner or play space designer to create the perfect track to suit your space and budget.

Track design is free. A significant advantage of working with Parkitect is the ‘cost-free’ design process. Because Parkitect Modular Pumptracks are pre-engineered, the design process is simple, hence no cost to you.

When you’re happy with the design, we’ll send you a Project Acceptance Agreement. Once sign-off is complete and the deposit is paid, we process the order to Parkitect’s manufacturing team in Europe.

In some cases, this process can happen in one day. In other cases, it can take weeks.  It all depends on your readiness to proceed.

As part of Step 2 we’ll provide;

  • Modular Pumptrack layout plan/s
  • Computer-aided design (CAD) drawing
  • Digital Rendering
  • Project costing details
  • Expected time for manufacture & delivery
  • Payment terms & warranty information

In the third step your Modular Pumptrack is manufactured. Once your track has been certified, it gets packed securely onto pallets, loaded into a container/s,  transported to the European port and shipped.

  • Parkitect’s Modular Pumptrack system is built in controlled environments in their European workshop.
  • Quality is paramount. Each piece undergoes a rigorous inspection before being shipped
  • Clients are kept up-to-date with the timing of track delivery and if shipping lead times change.
  • Parkitect will get in touch once the shipment arrives in Australia and all necessary customs clearances are received.
  • With 25 years of European importing experience, Parkitect Australia works closely with leading logistics companies to keep deliveries on time.

The exciting final step is delivery and assembly. The complete pump track package arrives inside a container, at Parkitect’s logistics facilities in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Fremantle and Adelaide. Here it undergoes customs clearances and unpacking onto pallets ready for your collection or delivery to site. (Quotes for ‘delivery to site’ are on request during Step 2)

Once the pump track arrives on site:

  • The assembly of your pumptrack is as easy as following the company’s step-by-step Modular Pumptrack Self Installation Manual.
  • Clients can use their own contractors, local landscapers and labourers to assemble and complete the project.
  • The advantage of Parkitect’s DIY Modular Pumptrack system is that specialist contractors are not required to assemble the modules.
  • The Parkitect team are always on-hand for support to ensure the successful assembly of your pump track.
  • Professional Athlete

    Founder Flow Films

    My first time riding a Parkitect Modular Pumptrack was at Mt Buller.

    The first thing that shocked me was how perfect the pump track was. Every shape was flawless, every roller was the right size.

    Every time I went around the track I felt as though the track had me locked in place safely.

  • Park Owner and Manager

    BIG4 Port Fairy

    Our decision to purchase and install a Modular Pumptrack has been supported throughout by the excellent backup and service provided by Shaun and Sonja at Parkitect.

    The equipment arrived on the day promised and we were able to install the track in two days, just in time to have it up and running by the Christmas holiday season.


  • Manager

    Discovery Holiday Parks Nagambie Lakes

    Kids are on the Modular Pumptrack from 8 am till 6 pm daily, mums and dads think it is amazing to see their kids more active. Even grandparents have a little go too!

    The Parkitect guys were great to work with, just got in and got the job done.