Assembly. How to build your pump track

Everything about Parkitect’s Modular Pumptrack system is engineered for simplicity. Preparing, assembling and finishing your pump track is as easy as 1-2-3.

Site Preparation

An important part of the pump track assembly process is site preparation. 

Important things to keep in mind include: 

  • A near-level site is needed for any Modular Pumptrack installation – we recommend no more than a 3% gradient in any direction.
  • To make the area as safe as possible, it’s best to ensure there are no hazards within a 2-metre safety zone.
  • It’s always a good idea to ensure the site drains well, with no areas that will collect and pond water.

To create a firm foundation for your pump track, use a compacted road-base or crusher / cracker dust as ground cover. Your pump track foundation should match the exact shape of the track plus a little wider or you can create a large rectangle or square pad to encompass the entire size of the track.

Existing playspace sites, like unused tennis or basketball courts, are ideal for Modular Pumptracks. Using these types of sites can short-cut the site preparation process.

The Modular Pumptrack has been well received by the community and has proven to be designed for rider safety and enjoyment. Kiama Council would recommend Parkitect as they were easy to deal with, had good communication with Council staff and delivered the product on time.

Janelle Burns | Road Safety Officer | Kiama Municipal Council

Parkitect Modular Pumptrack Brochure 2022

Modular Pumptrack Assembly

Pump track modules, plus all the components and hardware needed for your track are packed securely on pallets and shipped inside a container from Europe to Australia/New Zealand. Once customs have cleared the shipment, it’s ready for your collection. If you need the pump track to be delivered to site, we can help with this.  Simply ask us for a ‘delivery to site’ quote during the project design stage.

No specialist contractors needed

Because we make pump track assembly so easy, there’s no need for specialist contractors. You’re free to use your own local tradespeople, builders, landscapers, and civil contractors. This gives you direct control over your project budget. 

We’ve even heard of community groups pulling together local volunteers to assemble their own Modular Pumptrack with ease and alot of fun.

Use our easy-to-follow Assembly Guide to build your pump track

Your Parkitect Modular Pumptrack comes with a customised Assembly Guide, unique to your project. 

The Assembly Guide includes:

  • a description of the modules
  • a list of the components and hardware
  • step-by-step connection information
  • site layout dimensions including the safety zone 
  • a foundation and layout plan, and 
  • an assembly procedure

The number of people you’ll need to build your pump track depends on the size of the track.  All you need are some basic hand tools and strong muscles! *unless you are installing the pre-cast concrete Landscape Edition, then you will need more specialised assemblers.

As an exclusive distributor of Modular Pumptracks, Parkitect Australia doesn’t offer assembly or landscaping. But you can connect with these experienced Modular Pumptrack builders to help you out!

Shaun from Parkitect Australia was always available to answer any questions and to give suggestions based on his extensive knowledge and experience of pump tracks. He provided valuable advice to the Council team during the set-up process.

Kelly Burns | Strategic Projects Officer | City of Burnside

Site Landscaping and Finishing

Your new pump track is sure to attract people of all ages and abilities.

And attractive landscaping is a great way to create an incredible neighbourhood playspace. 

But it doesn’t have to be too complicated. Planting some grass and a few low shrubs and installing clear access paths is all that’s needed. And don’t forget a few park benches and some shade too. 

For more tips on building a successful pump track, check out our article where three experts reckon building Modular Pumptracks is child’s play.

I felt it would be a real hit for our main demographic, 6 to 12-year-olds. Plus, it was a nice-looking unit and quick to install. The feedback has been fantastic. The kids love it, and so do the parents.

David Comiskey | Director of the Comiskey Group

Pre-Designed Modular Pumptrack Catalogue

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  • Professional Athlete

    Founder Flow Films

    My first time riding a Parkitect Modular Pumptrack was at Mt Buller.

    The first thing that shocked me was how perfect the pump track was. Every shape was flawless, every roller was the right size.

    Every time I went around the track I felt as though the track had me locked in place safely.

  • Park Owner and Manager

    BIG4 Port Fairy

    Our decision to purchase and install a Modular Pumptrack has been supported throughout by the excellent backup and service provided by Shaun and Sonja at Parkitect.

    The equipment arrived on the day promised and we were able to install the track in two days, just in time to have it up and running by the Christmas holiday season.


  • Manager

    Discovery Holiday Parks Nagambie Lakes

    Kids are on the Modular Pumptrack from 8 am till 6 pm daily, mums and dads think it is amazing to see their kids more active. Even grandparents have a little go too!

    The Parkitect guys were great to work with, just got in and got the job done.