Land & Property Developers

Parkitect’s Modular Pumptracks are quickly proving to be the modern way to engage people and create a sense of community in new emerging suburbs.

Why Developers should choose Modular Pumptracks?

Helps your project stand out with something new and different

Growing families understand the importance of having a local playspace that’s safe and fun for kids of all ages. Modular Pumptracks can create a point of difference in a competitive property marketplace.

Free design service

Our free design service ensures your custom-designed pump track integrates seamlessly with the surrounding landscape and infrastructure. It will also save you thousands of dollars on your project budget. 

Cost-effective and easy-to-install 

Whether it’s a temporary or a more permanent playspace, our pump tracks are a cost-effective solution for your development.

The Park Edition (fibreglass) Modular Pumptrack is perfect as a temporary installation for attracting people to your new development. You can then easily pack it up and move it to your next location.

The Landscape Edition (precast concrete) Modular Pumptrack is the ideal choice when the track will remain in place for the community to enjoy, long term.

Modular Pumptracks are also a great way to keep kids entertained while parents view your display homes. 

  • Regional Play Consultant

    Urban Play

    My client needed a pumptrack that was easy to install, cost-effective and robust.

    The Townsville City Council was so happy with the proposal of a Modular Pumptrack that they decided to install two tracks at different park sites in the region.

  • Community Development Officer

    Bland Shire Council New South Wales

    Our experience with Parkitect Australia was fantastic, Shaun was so helpful and nothing was ever an issue. Our Modular Pumptrack was delivered on time. The additional two tracks are also now on their way with no issues.

    We highly recommend Parkitect for all your pump track needs.