Community Groups

We often hear from community groups and associations like Rotary, Apex or Lions who are actively helping raise funds for a pump track in their town. These projects take time to get off the ground and we’re here to help.

Why Community Groups should choose Modular Pumptracks?

A cost-effective playspace solution

Pump tracks are inexpensive compared to other playground equipment and designs, so they’re more easily covered by community grants.

Need help writing your community proposal?

If you’re a community group and need information to help with a proposal for council, let us know. We can provide you with all the information you’ll need to convince local authorities why your town needs a Modular Pumptrack!

Easy to order and install

Ordering a pump track is easy – we’re a ‘red tape-free zone’.

Pump tracks are simple to install.

We understand that most community groups are made up of volunteers with a variety of skills. Our specialist team provide all the guidance you’ll need to create the best pump track for your community.

  • Founder

    Skate the East

    I’m blown away by the Modular Pumptrack’s popularity since it opened on February 20. This is a chance for the kids and the youth to get out and show [Burnside Council] how popular it is.

    Six-year-old Beau, who was one of the first to trial the pump track, says it is super awesome.

    courtesy: – 5.3.20

  • Mayor

    District Council of Tumby Bay

    The Modular Pumptrack is definitely an exciting project for our community, co-funded by Tumby Progress and Tumby Bay Council.

    There’s always people on it!

  • Regional Play Consultant

    Urban Play

    My client needed a pumptrack that was easy to install, cost-effective and robust.

    The Townsville City Council was so happy with the proposal of a Modular Pumptrack that they decided to install two tracks at different park sites in the region.