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No sorry, we don’t offer pump track hire.

No sorry, we don’t offer pump tracks for hire.

Yes, with the right equipment. Composite tracks can be moved from place to place or packed away seasonally. For transport between locations, you’ll need an appropriately-sized truck and a forklift.

It’s difficult to provide an accurate life expectancy because it depends on how much the pump track is used.

In some cases, if the track purchased is too small and doesn’t cater for the high volume of users, then the life expectancy will be dramatically reduced. However, if the right size track is purchased for its intended use, then the track can last much longer. If you’ve got any questions about choosing the right track, contact us and we can help calculate the right size track for your intended purpose and location.

As a general guide, the minimum life expectancy of the composite pump track is 10 years while concrete tracks are expected to last for a minimum 20 years. These figures take into consideration properly scheduled maintenance and care.

The riding surface of our pump tracks is made of a proprietary composite which includes a layer of anti-slip, high-grip material.

Our HQ, Parkitect AG (Europe), developed the riding surface for our pump tracks in consultation with pro riders from all disciplines of wheeled sports and material experts.

Both surfaces can be easily repaired and repainted if necessary.

Yes! With a few basic tools and some muscle, composite Modular Pumptracks can be set-up and packed away as needed.

Concrete pump tracks are a different story. You’ll need some lifting equipment – like a forklift – to install this type of track.

All tracks come with a ‘Self Installation Manual’ – making the process simple to follow.

To give you an idea of the price of a pump track

Park Edition (fibreglass) Modular Pumptrack start from AUD $96,600*(+GST)

Landscape Edition (precast concrete) Modular Pumptrack start from AUD $134,000* (+GST)

Events Edition (composite) Modular Pumptrack start from AUD $56,000* (+GST)

These prices include: full design customisation if required, international shipping, customs clearance, unpacking with the complete package on pallets ready for your collection or delivery (quotations for delivery upon request) from our logistics facility in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Fremantle.

You can save money when you order two tracks at the same time as we can ship them in one container to the same port.

*Because Modular Pumptracks are made in Europe, these prices are a guide and are subject to European exchange rate and international shipping cost fluctuations.

For a quote, please get in touch with us.

Based on the Events Edition Modular Pumptrack, the average assembly time is about 5 minutes per module per person. This means that a “Speed Ring” track can be installed by 2 people in about 90 minutes and a “World Cup” track in about 3 hours.

On average, disassembly takes roughly half as long as assembly.

Here’s a great video showing you how.

The product can be installed on any flat surface not exceeding a 5% slope.

For composite Modular Pumptracks, the surface should be relatively smooth and free of any debris. The structure is not designed to span over undulations in the terrain and should always be firmly in contact with the ground under all of its contact points.

Concrete Modular Pumptracks can be installed above ground or moulded into the landscaping.

Visit this page for more information on pump track surface and assembly.

Yes. For composite modules, we offer a 2-year warranty against all manufacturing and material defects. Our hard-wearing concrete pump tracks come with a 10 year warranty.

Our custom-designed Modular Pumptrack system can be made to fit any sized area. The minimum size is 6 x 17 metres and the maximum size is UNLIMITED – whatever your budget and imagination can accommodate!

Yes. The fibreglass resin riding surface is saturated with your chosen colour so that, even when the surface is scratched, the same colour is found throughout the whole thickness. The side sections of all modules are always the same colour.

There is a small surcharge for applying a custom colour on the composite riding surface and manufacturing time is longer (6 weeks minimum) because these are not stock items.

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