Did you know one in four Australian children are obese and one in seven have serious mental health issues?

I know. I was a bit shocked. These two facts about the health of Australian kids should be a real worry for all of us.

It also won’t come as a surprise that only one in three kids engage in free play every day. The siren call of the screen via electronic games and the internet are hard to resist.

According to Barb Champion, Executive Director at Play Australia:

“As adults, we have the responsibility to provide PERMISSION, TIME and SPACE for our children to play freely every day, so they can make sense of the world in their own way, at their own pace.”



5 reasons free play is essential for kids’ health

Free, active play has all sorts of benefits for kids’ health – both mental and physical.

  1. Inspires their imagination
  2. Supports physical strength, balance and dexterity
  3. Helps reduce risk factors like obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol and prevent chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and cancer
  4. Increases children’s confidence and resilience
  5. Is great for social development – and simply, having fun!

Unfortunately, most Australian kids are not getting anywhere near the physical activity levels set out in the Government’s own guidelines.

Play Australia recently released it’s 5-year strategic plan to support the health and wellbeing of Australian kids and young people.

But it will take all of us – parents, carers, local government, landscape architects and urban planners – to make this plan a reality.


Why a Modular Pumptrack is the perfect outdoor play activity for kids

With kids of our own, we’ve always believed in the benefits of them playing outdoors every day.

It’s what attracted us to pump tracks in the first place.

Parkitect’s Modular Pumptracks are designed to keep kids moving while they have loads of fun.

  1. They’ve been engineered to give riders on bikes, scooters and skateboards the ‘perfect flow’ creating the feeling of safety and fun
  2. Pump tracks suit the beginner and the riding pro. They challenge riders to move around the track as fast or as slowly as they want – while they really work up a sweat
  3. They attract kids of all ages, drawing them back time and time again.

The best thing about having a pump track in your local park is the joy they bring to kids – while keeping them fit and healthy.

  For more information contact Shaun on 0411423773 or email ride@parkitect.com.au

Published On: December 3rd, 2020Categories: Active and Healthy