The Modular Pumptrack – Park Edition

Parkitect’s fibreglass solution is our latest release. With its superior aesthetic qualities and long-lasting materials, it’s the ultimate in design.

Super strong, yet light in weight, the Park Edition Modular Pumptrack is fast becoming Australia’s most popular pump track choice.

Adaptable to any environment, its sleek, rounded design is lower to the ground, and 30% wider than our earlier Modular Pumptrack designs.

Plus, the hidden hardware means it’s safer from vandalism and safe for riders.


Key features:

  1. Complies to new standards AS EN14974:2021
  2. Simple assembly by non-specialised trades
  3. Cost effective to install around existing infrastructure and landscaping
  4. Assembled above ground and easy to landscape
  5. Modules are pre-engineered and certified
  6. Proprietary reinforced fibreglass with high grip riding surface
  7. Fibreglass pump tracks remain portable throughout their lifetime
  8. Available in pre-designed layouts and custom design
  9. Guaranteed geometry with every pump track design
  10. Fibreglass pump tracks design can be changed or upgraded anytime
  11. Ecological resins and paints
  12. Environmentally friendly

Parkitect Modular Pumptrack Brochure 2022

Also see our Modular Pumptrack Park Edition catalogue below

Benefits of choosing a Modular Pumptrack

‘Park Edition’

Park Edition Modular Pumptrack Catalogue

Park Edition Modular Pumptrack Catalogue

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  • Professional Athlete

    Founder Flow Films

    My first time riding a Parkitect Modular Pumptrack was at Mt Buller.

    The first thing that shocked me was how perfect the pump track was. Every shape was flawless, every roller was the right size.

    Every time I went around the track I felt as though the track had me locked in place safely.

  • Park Owner and Manager

    BIG4 Port Fairy

    Our decision to purchase and install a Modular Pumptrack has been supported throughout by the excellent backup and service provided by Shaun and Sonja at Parkitect.

    The equipment arrived on the day promised and we were able to install the track in two days, just in time to have it up and running by the Christmas holiday season.


  • Manager

    Discovery Holiday Parks Nagambie Lakes

    Kids are on the Modular Pumptrack from 8 am till 6 pm daily, mums and dads think it is amazing to see their kids more active. Even grandparents have a little go too!

    The Parkitect guys were great to work with, just got in and got the job done.