Why choose a Parkitect Modular Pumptrack?

Pump track design is complicated and easy to get wrong.

Using the Modular Pumptrack system to create a flawless design means you’ll be guaranteed a proven pump track playspace.

And riders will be rewarded with an awesome pump track they’ll trust and love, contagiously.

Let’s take you back to where it all began

Parkitect Europe’s story is a classic tale of humble beginnings, hard work, lessons learned, innovation, persistence, a little bit of luck and consequent success.

Founder Erik Burgon, explains

We’re a proud result of bootstrapping and grassrooting. A love of sport, adventure and inclusive design are what gets us out of bed in the morning.  We are thrill-seekers and thrill-providers.”

“We’ve been in the pump track business since 2006 and we love it.

Selling Modular Pumptracks gives us the opportunity to build healthy communities, help people explore wheeled recreation and encourage physical fitness, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

So why choose a Parkitect Modular Pumptrack?

Pump track experts

Parkitect head office is located in Europe and specialises in the engineering, design and manufacturing of the Modular Pumptrack system.

It’s all we do!

Founded by Canadian pro-rider and track consultant Erik Burgon in 2006, we’ve delivered more than 400 tracks in 40 countries around the world.

Years of experience

Adding to the years of European experience, Parkitect Australia was established in 2015.  We’re the exclusive importer and distributor of the Modular Pumptrack system for Australia and New Zealand.

Owned and operated by Australian riding enthusiasts (both competitive and for fun), the company’s first Modular Pumptrack was installed mid-2016.

Over 100 tracks have been delivered throughout Australia, some of which are in the most remote locations in the world.

Discovery is in our bones

Great design is central to the success of the Modular Pumptrack system.

Based on a deep knowledge of what makes a great pump track flow, the company’s designers continue to improve their manufacturing process, the materials used and versatility of the tracks.

As a result, Parkitect’s Modular Pumptracks have won a number of international design awards, including the Eurobike Gold Winner 2015 and the ISPO Brandnew Award winner 2016/2017.

Let’s work together

We love pump tracks! The thrill of riding them and watching people master them gives us great joy!

It’s why we’re devoted to designing the perfect solution for our clients.

Pump track design is complicated and easy to get wrong.

Helping local governments, landscape architects, developers, community organisations and resort/holiday/caravan park owners and managers create exciting, fresh and new pump track play space designs, helping plan timelines and ultimately prepare for assembly and installation, means their money won’t be wasted on what so easily can become a white elephant if not done correctly.

Using the latest CAD software and 3D design software, Parkitect Australia’s design team can promptly develop a range of optimum riding options to suit clients’ requirements.  These visuals really help make decisions easier.

Great quality, guaranteed

Every Modular Pumptrack design offers a guaranteed awesome riding result!

Parkitect’s unique modular system is built in controlled environments. Quality is paramount and each module undergoes a rigorous inspection process before being shipped, ready for assembly.

The Modular Pumptrack system is certified and complies with the latest Australian Standards AS EN14974:2021

Award-winning designs – inspiring happiness since 2006

Modular Pumptracks are a perfect playspace solution, encouraging active play in community parks and neighbourhood playspaces, holiday parks and housing developments.

Our Team

Erik Burgon
Erik Burgon
Founder & International
Business Manager
Josef Grycman
Josef Grycman
Chief Engineer, Designer &
Head of Manufacturing
Shaun Leicester
Shaun Leicester
Founder &
Managing Director
Australia & New Zealand
Sonja Leicester
Sonja Leicester
Marketing &
Australia & New Zealand
Jeff Webster
Jeff Webster
Designer &
Geometry Solutions
Australia & New Zealand
Kurtis Leicester
Kurtis Leicester
Digital Renderer &
Track Testing Enthusiast
Australia & New Zealand
Ryan Gilchrist
Ryan Gilchrist
Brand Ambassador
Australia & New Zealand
Zoe Cuthbert
Zoe Cuthbert
Brand Ambassador
Australia & New Zealand
Eve Leicester
Eve Leicester
Social Media Expert
Australia & New Zealand

Definitely an exciting project for our community, co-funded by Tumby Progress and Tumby Bay Council.

There’s always people on it!

2021_Tumby-Bay_Logo_Modular PumptrackSam Telfer, Mayor

My client needed a pumptrack that was easy to install, cost effective and robust.

The Townsville City Council was that happy with the proposal of a Modular Pumptrack that they installed 2 tracks at different park sites in the region.

Parkitect Australia provided simple easy solutions with various designs, easy to install instructions and the track was built from strong materials.

Our decision to purchase and install a Modular Pumptrack has been supported througout by the excellent back up and service provided by Shaun and Sonja at Parkitect.

The equipment arrived on the day promised and we were able to install the track in two days, just in time to have it up and running by the Christmas holiday season.

Its use by children of ages is testimony to the popularity of this facility in our park.

We are always very happy to recommend the pump track but in particular recommend you two for your great follow up and support.

Thanks to you both.

Our old skate park was out of date and the equipment needed replacing and updating. In conjunction with the local youth, through our Youth Centre, it was decided to look at a different system rather than replacing like with like, and the Modular Pumptrack was seen as an ideal alternative.

The response from the community and the riders has been extremely positive, the youth were in attendance whilst the modules were being pieced together and could hardly wait to be let “loose”.

Our experience with Parkitect was very good.

Shaun was very professional and kept us in the loop at all times.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Parkitect, and indeed have, to others.

Shire of LavertonPeter Naylor, CEO Shire of Laverton

A great investment for all our communities.

Great support and teamwork to deliver a flexible, fun packed solution for the Rural City of Murray Bridge.

We definitely have had an increase in stays due to the installation of the Modular Pumptrack, particularly over the school holidays, it really has been a hit with the young and old.

We’ve had plenty of parents come in to reception asking if they can extend their stay, the kids don’t want to leave the park.

It’s amazing how word travels. The amount of people phoning up to ask about the pumptrack really surprises me. It really has proven to be a great asset.

We seem to often have a situation where clients ask if there’s an additional cabin or powered site for friends, for their next stay.

We’ve had a lot of interest and positive feedback from newcomers to the park, having the pump track located in the playground with the ocean as a backdrop has proven to be a real winner here at BIG4 Pisces Apollo Bay.

BIG4 Pisces Apollo Bay Modular PumptrackAdrian and Fiona Davidson, Managers

We had the ABC here yesterday afternoon and one of the Councillors spoke about the benefit of the pump track and how it is turned a tired dull skate park area into a dynamic hub – so thanks for that!

It is a pleasure to go down there and watch – I have never seen the local kids so engaged and passionate so thank you for that as well!

Your Modular Pumptracks are definitely proving to be the perfect solution for holiday parks!

It’s exactly what they need for today’s kids.

Innoviv-park-services-logo modular pumptrackAndrew Chapman, Principal Owner

The track is hugely popular with people of all ages, from three year olds on balance bikes to adults of all ages.

Not only this, but the pump track has proven to be a great gathering place for the community to catch up in a socially distant manner!

Shaun from Parkitect Australia didn’t hesitate to pitch in with the Council team during the set-up process, providing valuable advice.

He’s always available to answer any questions and to give suggestions based on his extensive knowledge and experience of pump tracks in other locations, including interstate and overseas.

Guests in the park are loving our new pump track.

We wanted to create a safe place for the kids to have fun on their scooters & bikes without being on the roads.

Shaun was a great help throughout the whole process very professional.

Port Hughes Tourist Park Logo Modular PumptrackMichael Whittaker, Caravan Park Manager

I’m blown away by the Modular Pumptrack’s popularity since it opened on February 20.

This is a chance for the kids and the youth to get out and show how popular it is.

Six-year-old Beau, who was one of the first to trial the pump track, says it is ‘super awesome’.

courtesy: adelaidenow.com.au – 5.3.20

Skate the East SA Modular PumptrackRichelle Martin, Founder
Access to the local skate park for the young residents within our village communities proved difficult with the distance required to access the facility.
Council was able to purchase a portable pumptrack from Parkitect to rotate around our village communities to ensure all youth can access a skate park in their own community.
The feedback from users, parents and staff has been overwhelmingly positive, so much so that Council has now decided to purchase two additional tracks to meet the needs of our rural residents.
Our experience with Parkitect Australia was fantastic, Shaun was so helpful and nothing was ever an issue.
Our track was delivered on time with Shaun assisting our staff to set it up.
The additional two tracks are also now on their way with no issues. We highly recommend Parkitect for all your portable pump track needs.

The Modular Pumptrack from Parkitect Australia has provided a great site testing solution for the City of Ballarat.

It has been well received by the community and in particular the younger 5-12rs demographic.

Parkitect Australia were easy to work with and always responsive to our needs and I would definitely recommend them to others.

The Modular Pumptrack has been well received by the Community to date and has proven to be designed for rider safety and enjoyment.

Kiama Council would recommend Parkitect as they were easy to deal with, had good communication with Council staff and delivered the product on time.

Feedback from Council outdoor staff was that it was heavy to install and somewhat time consuming.

Please provide further information to Kiama Council with costs and designs available to add extensions to the existing pump track.

Kiama Municipal Council Modular PumptrackJanelle Burns, Road Safety Officer

We wanted to offer a safe place for kids to be able to use scooters and bikes off the roads.

The kids love the Modular Pumptrack and the parents think it is a great addition to the park.

It is great value for money and there will be lots of enjoyment for the kids.

Our only issue was when the pump track arrived in Melbourne, the freight company didn’t think they could unpack it in time for our transport person to pick it up, but this was all sorted out quickly after a few phone calls.

Tasman Holiday Parks Modular PumptrackMichele, Moama on Murray Resort

We wanted to provide our guests with a fun experience throughout their stay.

The overall response to the Modular Pumptrack has been overwhelmingly positive.

It has been a great addition to our parks.

Assembly and installation was relatively straight forward and did not take our team long to get it up and running. The instructions provided were very helpful.

From enquiry to install Parkitect were extremely professional and easy to deal with. Their products have been a great addition to our Holiday Parks.

I would definitely recommend to others looking into pump tracks.

Shaun at Parkitect Australia was fantastic to deal with.

He was able to customise the design of our pump track to suit a specific area that we had to work with.

Installation by our team was uncomplicated.

Our only regret is that we didn’t have room to install a larger track.

They are on the track from 8 am till 6 pm daily, mums and dads think it is amazing to see their kids more active.

The grandparents actually have a little go too  :-)

The Parkitect guys were great to work with, just got in and got the job done.

From start of the initial enquiry to final delivery on site the communication and information provided was outstanding, professional, and made the process for the outcome of this project trouble free.

Using the DIY assembly booklet Parkitect supplied made a real positive difference.

The response from both the organising committee, builder who assembled the track and the community they are all very happy with the result.

The price I feel was in keeping with the quality of the Parkitect Pumptrack, all other options that I had investigated were requiring other extras like concrete etc which made the installation of the other options in this remote location extremely expensive.

So the result of purchasing the Modular Pumptrack was very appealing and especially because it is a unique product compared to all other skatepark designs, that I had researched.

Regional Development Australia - Far West NSW LogoLeesa Zupanovich, Project Manager

We’ve just experienced our first summer of having the pumptrack installed at Victor Harbor Beachfront Holiday Park and what a workout it got!

There is not a day we look out and see it empty. It is fantastic fun for all ages and abilities. From toddlers practicing on balance bikes, to dedicated and energetic skateboarders, right through to Mums and Dads (or the ‘big kids’) on their bikes.

The pump track encourages kids to get out and about and do something active within a safe environment.

The added bonus for parents is having some down time while the kids are kept entertained.

We’ve heard kids sleep really well after a day of fun at the park!

Victor Harbor Beachfront Holiday Park NRMA Modular PumptrackMichael and Cassandra Ball, Park Managers
Parkitect Australia are great to deal with in all respects.

Expertise, knowledge and communication is all on point.

This gives us and our clients surety – known cost, known outcome.

Park-Life Modular PumptrackSally Farmer, Project Manager

We were engaged by Moama on Murray Resort to install their Parkitect Modular Pumptrack.

It was incredibly rewarding and satisfying as an installer to see the finished pump track in what can only be described as the ultimate kids paradise at the Resort.

Shaun and Sonja at Parkitect continue to be incredibly professional to deal with and we highly recommend their Parkitect products.

I Assemble It Pty Ltd Logo Modular PumptrackPhil Pollard, Founder & Owner

Constant positive feedback from many of our guests.

The kids are on it from first thing in the morning to last thing at night.

Parents specifically request cabins and camp sites as close to the pump track as possible as they enjoy it so much.

It has been a great success in our park at Yarra valley.

Park Lane Holiday Parks Modular PumptrackLuke Hellings, Projects Manager