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AssemblePlay – Modular Pumptrack Assembly Service

Need a reliable, experienced pump track assembly service? We’ve teamed up with AssemblePlay to streamline the process of building and installing your Modular Pumptrack.

While our Modular Pumptracks are designed to be straightforward to assemble, entrusting the task to a seasoned team can save you time and effort.

Phil Pollard and the AssemblePlay team are experts in playspace construction. With years of hands-on experience, they’ve been building and installing Parkitect’s Modular Pumptracks since 2021.

They’ve worked with councils, holiday parks, schools, and community organisations to create amazing playspaces for young adults and children of all ages and abilities.

Based in Bendigo, AssemblePlay has built a solid reputation in playground construction services throughout Victoria, as well as in regional locations in NSW and SA.

Why choose AssemblePlay to prepare your site and assemble your Modular Pumptrack

  • Thorough site preparation: Prior to construction, AssemblePlay meticulously prepares your site, ensuring it’s clear, level, and properly drained to optimise pump track performance and safety.
  • Advice on Modular Pumptrack placement: They’ll help you work out the best way to place your Parkitect pre-engineered modules.
  • Safe work practices: With a team of experienced and qualified professionals in building and construction, AssemblePlay prioritises safety throughout the entire process, from start to finish.
  • Efficient clean-up and removal: Once the job is completed, AssemblePlay doesn’t just walk away. They’ll ensure your site is left neat and tidy. Their efficient clean-up process involves removing any debris or construction materials, leaving your space pristine and ready to enjoy.
  • Full insurance coverage: You’ll have peace of mind knowing that AssemblePlay is fully insured, providing comprehensive coverage for both personnel and workmanship.

At assemblePlay, we pride ourselves not only on our expertise and professionalism but also on our friendly and can-do attitude. We believe that great customer service goes hand in hand with quality workmanship.

From the initial consultation to the finishing touches, our team provides a positive experience for our clients. We’re always ready to go the extra mile to ensure your needs are not just met but exceeded.

We love working with Parkitect’s Modular Pumptracks. It’s the quality that really makes them stand out from other types of pump tracks. Sonja and Shaun give us plenty of support. I think we love the tracks and the product as much as they do!

Phil Pollard, AssemblePlay Owner

Four of Phil’s favourite Modular Pumptrack installations were in the Wilcannia Shire in outback NSW:

We installed tracks in White Cliffs, Wilcannia, Menindee, and Ivanhoe. Just to see the happiness we brought to the indigenous communities was something I’ll never forget.

Construction and Assembly in Victoria + Regional NSW and SA

Phil Pollard

Founder & Installer


0403 134 581

Monday to Friday
9am to 5pm (AEST)