Designers are asked to include a safe place for kids of all ages to ride their bikes, scooters, and skateboards.

Skateparks and bike tracks are often the first thought. But in reality, they only cater to older kids or more experienced riders.

But if you’re looking for an alternative that is:

  • safe and compliant with Australian standards
  • designed to look good and harmonises with its environment
  • durable and easy to maintain
  • novel – something different
  • designed to appeal to a wide range of ages and abilities

A pump track ticks all the boxes.



But take care.


Not all pump tracks are created equal!


If you’ve ever tried to incorporate a standard pump track into your playspace design, it may have been more trouble than it was worth.

  • Dirt tracks often weather badly, erode quickly, and need regular maintenance. They are only good for bikes and enthusiastic kids have even been known to ‘redesign’ their local track, taking a shovel to the dirt. This can compromise safety and lead to serious liability for the track owner.
  • In-situ concrete pump tracks can be costly and messy to build. They require significant earthworks and skilled formwork. Even experienced concreters and tradies, can easily compromise the design and geometry of a pump track without realising it.
  • Asphalt pump tracks call for considerable design and planning. They also demand an extensive amount of site works and a team of specialists to create the perfect geometry needed for an enjoyable safe ride.

Plus, asphalt pump tracks usually need more space. They also have a bigger visual impact on the surrounding environment, and can appear quite intimidating to new or younger riders.  Criss-cross riding can be scary.  Then there’s the heat generated by the black asphalt track on a hot day. Not fun!

Poor design and imperfect build methods mean the local pump track quickly becomes a white elephant.



If it’s not rideable or fun, kids don’t go back.


6 Reasons why you should specify a Modular Pumptrack in your next playspace project


1.  Communities love a pump track!

With more than 400 Modular Pumptracks installed worldwide, they’re a proven attraction to support local, active communities.


2. Safe and compliant

Compliant with Australian design standards, our certified, pre-engineered pump track modules take the guesswork out of track design. This can really reduce the time it takes to achieve a positive outcome.


Chris Connors, Victorian Regional Manager at JMac Constructions was in charge of installing the pump track at Curlew Park

“Installation was a breeze,” according to Chris. “The precast concrete modules were delivered directly to the site. They came with a simple instruction manual which my boys followed easily.”

“You don’t need any qualifications to assembly the track. It’s a simple 3-bolt system per panel. The team was able to assemble the pump track quickly. Once we laid out the plan, we were able to drop each module into its exact location.

“We also spoke to the project’s landscape architect about designing the moulded area in the centre of the track. That worked really well. We were there for the park opening and you could see that the kids loved it, especially the younger ones.”


3. We’re Modular Pumptrack specialists – it’s all we do!

We understand how important it is to deliver a product that works. That guarantees ‘perfect geometry’ and ‘perfect riding flow’. Perfect geometry guarantees the safest, most enjoyable experience for all ages who love riding their bikes, scooters, and skateboards.


4. Custom design to match your vision

Our design team works with landscape architects and designers to ensure your custom-made pump track works harmoniously within the overall playspace design. Being modular, it’s also easier to assemble our pump tracks without disturbing existing infrastructure, landscaping, or protected trees onsite.


5. Support with tender applications

We provide comprehensive documentation to support all your tender applications.


6. Easy to assemble

And once your project is approved and the pump track is in manufacture, we’ll send you a straightforward step-by-step product assembly guide. This makes it easy for a local contractor of your choice to assemble and complete the project.


Best of all, working with a pump track expert won’t cost you a cent

Our track design service is absolutely free.

And if you need help with selecting the best site for your Modular Pumptrack, we can do that too!

As part of the design proposal for your project, Parkitect Australia provides:

  • Modular Pumptrack configuration plan/s
  • Computer-aided design (CAD) drawing
  • Digital Rendering
  • Project costing details
  • Expected time for manufacture and delivery
  • Payment terms and warranty information
  • A final project plan

Parkitect Australia has collaborated with landscape architects, councils, and leisure parks around the country, to build environmentally-friendly playspaces that kids and families love.


According to the landscape architect who designed and documented the playspace at Curlew Park,

“It just fits – it works. The Modular Pumptrack takes the guesswork and the complexities out of designing a customised track. Because it doesn’t require any specialist engineering knowledge, it’s easy to specify.”


Need to know more about Parkitect’s unique patented Modular Pumptrack system?

Give Shaun a call on 0411 423 773 and discuss your next project.

Interested in finding more about why Modular Pumptracks take the headache out of playspace design? Want to do more research? Click to find a pump track in Australia or in New Zealand

Read E-News article published by the Outdoor Design Source : 16 August 2021

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