The Shire of Laverton

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Local Contractors

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Western Australia

Modular Pumptrack Leahy Park Townsville
Parkitect Modular Pumptrack Leahy Park Laverton Boy on Bike

Laverton is around 950km north-east of Perth, via the Great Eastern Highway and Kalgoorlie in the far Northern Goldfields of Western Australia.

The project was designed in consultation with the local youth services team and the council.

Project Summary

Parkitect worked with the council to design a pump track suitable for the environment and their budget. We made the assembly process easy, guiding the local contractors on the best approach.

The time lapse construction video highlights how efficiently a Modular Pumptrack can be assembled and enjoyed by riders in just one day.

Click to watch the time lapse video courtesy of the Laverton Youth Centre.

“We found out it’s the most remote Modular Pumptrack in the world. 

It was brought on by the youth services team and council, and they all agreed it was a great opportunity for the kids to engage in outdoor activities.

Since it’s been erected the kids haven’t been off it, it’s great, they absolutely love it. 

It was simple to put together, we can add to it and change it whenever we want. 

It’s terrific to see the kids take such interest in it and will be a great asset to the town”

Patrick Hill, Laverton Shire President