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Parklife –  Delivers Modular Pumptracks to communities across New Zealand

Our exclusive partnership with active play experts, Parklife, brings our unique Modular Pumptracks to communities across New Zealand.

Parklife specialises in Active Design, Creative Spaces, and Performance Products, making them the perfect partner to deliver safe, enjoyable fun for all wheels and all ages.

Since introducing their first Parkitect Modular Pumptrack to New Zealand in 2018, Parklife has recognised the increasing demand for safe, inclusive spaces catering to riders of all ages and skill levels, from scooters to BMX bikes, mountain bikes, and skateboards.

With over 33 Modular Pumptracks installed, Parklife continues to deliver this community favourite, spreading joy and encouraging active lifestyles across the country.

What does our exclusive ‘Modular Pumptrack’ trademark mean to our NZ clients?

When you buy a genuine Parkitect Modular Pumptrack, you can count on quality, safety, and an exceptional riding experience.

Our exclusive trademark in New Zealand strengthens Parkitect and Parklife’s position as the leading provider of Modular Pumptracks in the country.

The benefits of installing a Modular Pumptrack include:

  1. Effortless acquisition: Streamlined purchase processes save clients time and resources.
  2. Instant community hit: Riders of all ages and skill levels love the track, creating a positive impact appreciated by caregivers and the community.
  3. Low maintenance, high returns: Hassle-free ownership with minimal upkeep, plus the modular design allows for easy relocation to serve different communities in the future, resulting in a high social return on investment.

Check out three Modular Pumptracks installed by Parklife in NZ

Girl riding a bike on Porirua Pumptrack

A 65-metre MP06 V3 World Cup Modular Pumptrack at Aotea Lagoon, embraced by children and youth.

Morrinsville Pump Track viewed from a drone

Opened in late 2023, this 65-lineal metre MP06 V3 World Cup Modular Pumptrack is part of a vibrant new community playspace.

Children riding bikes and scooters on Don Buck primary school pumptrack

A portable track shared among four schools in West Auckland, enhancing school time and providing a valuable recreational resource.

The modular design particularly appealed to us, as it simplifies delivery and installation, overcoming common hurdles public space projects face.

The secret is in the design which is backed by decades of Parkitect’s expertise developing the meticulously crafted geometry of each Modular Pumptrack. This translates to one thing for the client and rider: a guaranteed riding experience that riders of all ages and skill levels will love. 

Sally Farmer, Parklife Owner

New Zealand Parkitect Dealer

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