And we’ve got to say, we’re just a little excited! 

And these two amazing young athletes are just as excited as we are.

Both have endless energy and drive. Both want to excel in both their respective sport and professional lives. They’re also fantastic role models for young riders and are super keen to discover and share what they experience when riding our Modular Pumptrack system.

We came up with the idea of sponsoring Zoe and Ryan as brand ambassadors for Parkitect for a few reasons.


An authentic voice

Having supplied pump tracks to schools, tourist locations, local neighbourhood parks and holiday parks around Australia and New Zealand, we knew how much kids of all ages and all riding abilities loved riding on them. 

But we felt it was important to communicate the benefits, the passion, and the fun of riding on pump tracks from a rider’s perspective.

“We wanted to tell the Modular Pumptrack story via an authentic riders voice. People who have experienced riding all kinds of pump tracks and who are genuinely enthusiastic about riding them and we wanted to hear what they really think” commented Sonja Leicester, Marketing Director of Parkitect Australia

One of Australia’s leading Gravity Enduro riders, Ryan Gilchrist learned to ride on his own backyard pump track. 

“Pump tracks have always been my favourite way to stay fit, gain skill and have fun. When I was about 12, Dad built my brother and I a small pump track out of dirt in the backyard. We rode it every day. I believe that our backyard pump track is one of the sole contributors to my skill on a bike and my fitness and love for bikes in general”

“Pump tracks are the perfect in-between of a BMX track and a skate park.  They help you build skills and have fun.”

Having represented Australia in events like the XCO World Championships, champion cyclist Zoe Cuthbert has spent endless hours riding on pump tracks. 

“Pump tracks are where I learned, and am still learning, how to pump, manual and jump. They’re where I hang out with friends. Where the kids I coach always nag me to go ride, and where I compete in the odd race.

“Unlike other mountain bike tracks, they’re contained. This makes them the perfect spot to supervise kids or hang out with your friends. They’re also unique in providing a challenge for all levels of riders, from kids on balance bikes to the best riders in the world. Skills learned on a pump track are critical for gaining and maintaining speed in other forms of mountain biking.”



Parkitect supports young Australians to pursue their dreams

Both Zoe and Ryan are keen competitors in Australia and on the world stage. 

They juggle an ambitious training program to stay at the top of their game. And they do this while they maintain a ‘normal’ life. Zoe works part-time as a graphic designer and is at ANU completing her design studies. Ryan is a freelance photographer and videographer.

“We know how hard Zoe and Ryan work and we’re happy to provide some financial support to help them achieve their goals. Once it’s safe to travel again, they’ll both be off, competing and representing Australia as soon as they can.” commented Sonja Leicester, Co-founder & Marketing Director of Parkitect Australia


Inspiring kids of all ages to ride and stay active 

For all of us, life has become more sedentary. But we know that an active life is a healthy one. 

With so many supporters, both young and old, following Zoe and Ryan’s achievements and inspired by their success, we hope they’ll also be inspired to jump onto a pump track themselves. 

You can read more about the health benefits of outdoor play for children of all ages here. 



Dedication, determination and a passion for riding. It’s what we stand for too.

Parkitect was founded by Erik Burgon. A pro mountain bike rider, Erik is someone who simply loves riding. He cemented his love of bikes while touring all over the United States, Canada and Europe. 

In Australia, we see the potential for Modular Pumptracks to encourage more people of all ages and all riding abilities to have a go on their favourite set of wheels – from kids on a balance bike, BMX, mountain bike, any bike, scooter or skateboard. 

We approached Zoe and Ryan to represent the company as brand ambassadors because they reflected our values too. They’re both down-to-earth, hard-working, resilient people who convey an enthusiasm for success, and demonstrate the feeling of freedom and fun through riding. 

They also subscribe to our inclusive approach to all cultures and genders, and support the opportunities for enjoyment by people of all ages and riding abilities. 

Like us, our brand ambassadors aim to inspire others to ‘have a go’. Their genuine passion for riding and embodiment of the health and wellbeing benefits of being active while having fun, also fits with the Parkitect philosophy.

We’re looking forward to following Zoe and Ryan in their riding exploits and supporting them in their quest for ‘the perfect ride’. 


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Published On: June 11th, 2021Categories: Brand Ambassadors