No question, the pandemic has put a focus on our relationships and new ways of staying connected.  Many of us have experienced lockdowns and are also appreciating the value of enjoying the great outdoors.

If you’re lucky enough to work from home, you may have nevertheless grown tired of being chained to a desk. For those going out and working hard to provide essential services, the chance to safely take off your mask and breathe fresh air at their local park is gold. 

Being outdoors offers all sorts of benefits for people young and old. 

  • It gives us a chance to share time with family and friends. 
  • We can walk, swim, run, and ride. Staying active is good for both our physical and our mental health. 
  • We can even get a bit of vitamin D. (But remember to protect yourself from overexposure to dangerous UV rays.)


Outdoor play builds physical and mental resilience in children

Outdoor play re-energises us all. It gives us a chance to feel joy, away from our electronic devices. 

For children, tempted to stay in their bedroom glued to their screens, it’s even more important to take part in physical activity that’s fun. 

Not only is it good for their fitness, but it also supports positive mental health. 

All parents know the importance of active play for their children. And during the pandemic, when kids were home-schooling, playing outdoors became even more important. 

But not all activities are the same. Structured sports like scheduled tennis and soccer games don’t have the same organic ‘playful’ feel compared to other types of activities.

Giving kids the ability to feel the freedom of having fun at their own pace is also important. 

That’s what a local pump track offers neighbourhoods and communities. A well-designed pump track is a safe, social, and healthy activity, helping parents feel good when their kids head out after school or on weekends. 

Parkitect-Modular-Pumptrack-Precast-Concrete-Stockwell-Recreation-Park-Group Photo

 4 big trends in playspace design

Even before the pandemic, we’ve seen at least four major trends influencing how landscape architects and playspace designers create playgrounds and outdoor recreational spaces: 

1.Multi-generational playgrounds 

Playgrounds are not just for kids! People of all ages benefit from outdoor activities. And playspaces which accommodate both young and old give people the opportunity to spend time together. 

2.A focus on accessibility and inclusivity

The benefits of play are universal. Creating playgrounds that give people of all ages and abilities access is important on so many levels. There’s the legal aspect of avoiding discrimination of course. But there’s also the recognition that inclusive, accessible playgrounds foster empathy and understanding.

3.Nature-based playgrounds

Playgrounds that harmonise with their surrounding environment and use natural materials continue to be popular. Nature-themed playspaces help connect children in urban areas with the natural world.  

4.Themed playgrounds 

Inspiring the imagination, these unique and creative playgrounds are fast becoming popular installations in local and regional parks.

Stockwell Recreation Park’s new pump track Barossa’s Big Project

Modular Pumptracks are a winner around the world


For Parkitect founder Erik Burgon, it’s clear why his company’s Modular Pumptracks have become so popular. 

“We’re in the business of delivering joy. Our pump tracks work because kids and teens love riding them. Families love that they’re a safe yet fun way for their children to be outdoors and active. Playground designers appreciate that they get a pre-engineered, proven product that communities enjoy. What’s not to love about pump tracks!”

Erik, a former pro-rider with a passion for the sport, has been creating pump tracks since 2010. He explores the four major trends in playground design in this article. 

New Zealand

Sally Farmer, Project Manager of the New Zealand-based company ParkLife, has seen the popularity of Modular Pumptracks take off during the pandemic. 

“We mainly sell pump tracks to local councils. They’re looking for a cost-effective playground option. A solution which is easy to install and maintain”, explains Sally.

“With pump tracks, I think parents and carers appreciate that their kids can play safely outdoors and that they can be close by to supervise. 

“We’ve recently supplied lots of pump tracks in the Auckland area. The feedback from local communities has been terrific. Once one council area installs a track, all the other ones also want one.”

Parkitect Modular Pumptrack Community Client Page


In Australia, local councils, leisure park managers and park designers are also catching on to the benefits of Parkitect pump tracks. 

“The pandemic has certainly highlighted the value of outdoor activities,” says Shaun Leicester, Managing Director of Parkitect Australia.

“In the past, I think people thought that all pump tracks were the same. The fact that ours are suitable for people of all ages, and can be used by riders on bikes, skateboards, and scooters, means that they’re extremely versatile. Of course, our free design service is icing on the cake.”

Need to know more about Parkitect’s unique Modular Pumptrack system? Call Shaun on 0411 423 773 and discuss your next project.



Published On: April 12th, 2022Categories: Active and Healthy