Everyday at Parkitect Australia HQ we hear stories about the excessive unnecessary money being spent around Australia on skateparks and dirt pump tracks.

What’s the big deal you may say?

Well although we love seeing kids and adults being active, we don’t love seeing money not being used to its best ability. For us it’s about Australian communities getting the best bang for their ‘rate paying’ bucks!

While the ongoing problems of erosion and the ever changing riding geometry exist, dirt pump track’s also only serve those people who love riding bikes, they do nothing for the kids and adults who love their scooters, skateboards or blades.

We see it as a no brainer.  Throughout Europe where space is limited and at a premium, townships have been squeezing Modular Pumptrack’s into neighbourhoods over the past 10 years to encourage active healthy fun on all wheels, for all ages and all abilities. Australia has so many open areas and yet we provide very limited space (if any) for kids to simply ride their bikes, scooters, skateboards and blades safely, near their homes, off the streets.   

Check out a bunch of YouTube links here from Europe

https://youtu.be/-xylpA3-bNc  Courtesy Lesgets TV

https://youtu.be/ssW_XAarKS8   Courtesy Flying Metal

https://youtu.be/6HvscB5dCC8  Courtesy Luca Riemer

Our passion is to give local communities and neighbourhoods the opportunity to have fun, socialise and be active on their favourite choice of wheels in their local park where it is free and easy to get to and from their home.

You see Modular Pumptrack’s are easy to install, easy to move, adaptable to the existing park environment and can be beautifully blended into the landscape. Modular Pumptrack’s create laughter, they create happy parents, they encourage healthy socialisation and offer a place where all ages can simultaneously ride safely together – adults and kids alike.

The proof is in the pudding as they say. The steady increase in tracks popping up in  neighbourhoods and towns across Australia is encouraging. Communities are embracing the European concept and people are ‘getting it’. It’s simple good old fashioned healthy fun.

The value offering of a skatepark and a dirt pump track simply does not compare in any way to the value offering of a Modular Pumptrack. For councils and developers it’s worth checking this phenomenon out before investing in something they wish they hadn’t.

Happy, healthy Aussies of all ages and all abilities having fun on more wheels more often!

Published On: March 1st, 2019Categories: Product Reviews