A half-million-dollar open space project in the Barossa Valley town of Stockwell is set to inspire both locals and tourists to take advantage of local outdoor spaces. And the newly installed Modular Pumptrack is already getting plenty of attention from the local kids.


The idea for a neighbourhood pump track came from local winegrower Neil Hahn. Neil’s family has been in the region for five generations. When he learned about significant funding becoming available to upgrade local public spaces, he was keen to contribute. 

“I don’t usually get involved much with Council matters. But with such a large amount of money being spent in Stockwell, I wanted to have a say in the process”, explained Neil. 

“I’d heard that the Council was considering some sort of BMX track. So, I jumped onto the internet to find out what was on offer. That’s when I discovered Parkitect’s Modular Pumptracks. I thought they sounded great, so I forwarded the information to Project Coordinator Rebecca Tappert for review. 

“As it turned out, they went with the idea!”

After speaking with the Council, we recommended a precast concrete ‘World Cup’ Modular Pumptrack. The 65-metre, pre-engineered track delivers perfect geometry. This makes it both safe and fun for people of all ages and abilities to ride their bikes, scooters, and skateboards. 

Alongside the main pump track, the Council has installed a ‘rhythm straight’.  This is ideal for beginner riders. They’ve also landscaped the area around both tracks.” 



The idea behind the Barossa Valley’s ‘Big Project’

The Barossa Valley is celebrated as one of Australia’s greatest wine-producing regions. Its Wine and Tourist Trail attracts people from all over the world. 

To support regional businesses and the health and wellbeing of local communities, the Barossa Council has developed an ambitious master plan – aptly named ‘The Big Project’. This plan will see a huge investment in open space recreation and social infrastructure over a 35-year period.

Benefiting both tourists and locals, the plan includes a world-class bike-riding trail. The trail will link some of SA’s premier wine regions and communities.


Activating open space and supporting health and wellbeing at Stockwell Recreation Park

Stockwell Recreation Park was officially opened on October 30, 2021, and is one of the Barossa Valley Council’s key project sites. 


Parkitect-Modular-Pumptrack-Precast-Concrete-Stockwell-Recreation-Park-Group Photo


Developed after extensive community consultation, the Council’s goal for the park was to “enhance existing spaces and facilities to celebrate community and come together for sport and recreation.” 

With 18 formal submissions and 22 informal submissions received by the Council, community enthusiasm for the project was high. 

The final $509,958 park upgrade ($254,978 was funded by a state government grant) included a Parkitect Modular Pumptrack and an open space precinct featuring outdoor fitness stations, a 400m running or walking trail and picnic tables.

Barossa Mayor Michael (Bim) Lange OAM hopes the new facilities will support the health and wellbeing of locals, encouraging them to get out and be active. He noted this was especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We know people come to Stockwell Oval year-round to play sport. This redevelopment provides extra opportunities for people to be active and participate in community life.” 

Mayor Michael (Bim) Lange

Stockwell’s new Modular Pumptrack is a real hit with local kids

We’re pleased to hear that Stockwell’s new pump track is already popular with the locals. 

According to Neil Hahn who lives nearby, kids of all ages are using the track. But it’s especially popular with younger children.  

“It’s important to get kids outdoors and away from their computers. And the pump track is great for the young ones, particularly beginner riders. They can push the boundaries and learn some skills while staying safe.”

Neil Hahn, winegrower and Stockwell local

“Because of the design, it’s clear that the Parkitect pump track is low maintenance. Plus, it’s a bonus that the kids can still safely use it even when it’s raining. I suspect this would have been a problem with a dirt track. 

“The Council has recently installed lighting. I’ve seen lots of kids having fun, using the pump track at night. It’s a real benefit for the community.”




Need to know more about Parkitect’s unique Modular Pumptrack system?

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Published On: December 2nd, 2021Categories: Public Parks and Play Spaces