One of the first questions we’re often asked is: “How much does a Modular Pumptrack cost?

It’s a great question. It’s also a bit like “how long is a piece of string?”

But we’ll do our best to explain.

Consider this

Buying a Modular Pumptrack is a bit like buying a car. With so many options to choose from, prices can vary – a lot!

Consider your ideal car for lugging your trusty MTBs and all your gear to your favourite trail. Your choice of vehicle might be a Volkswagen Amarok, a Ford Ranger Raptor or a Toyota Hilux.

They are all very nice vehicles and they’ll all get the job done.

Each of these cars can cost at least $50k. And once you start looking at different engine options, adding luxuries or upgrading exterior finishes – and generally tailoring your car to suit your every need and desire – we all know what happens.

The price goes up.

These same principles apply to buying a Modular Pumptrack.


How Parkitect Modular Pumptracks are priced

All of our pump tracks are designed to offer the perfect ‘riding flow’ – offering guaranteed geometry which has been tested all over the world. 

Based on your brief, our design team will start with one of our pre-designed layouts.

The foundation of our Modular Pumptrack system are our perfectly engineered modules.

Based on these building blocks, it’s possible to create an unlimited number of pump track designs.

You’re only limited by the space you have and your budget. 

Depending on your needs, you can choose from pre-designed pump tracks or we can design a custom pump track design to suit your site and budget.

Best of all, our design service is free with quotes.


How will your pump track be used?

In an open, highly accessible ‘public’ environment a track may get a great deal more use compared to a ‘private’ environment.

Here’s are examples of what we mean;

A Modular Pumptrack located in a local playground is sure to attract a high level of ‘traffic’ – kids and adults of all ages and riding abilities, using all kinds of wheels – bikes, scooters and skateboards of all types.

Our Landscape Edition (precast concrete) Modular Pumptrack is ideal for high volume ‘public’ play space environments.

Our Park Edition (fibreglass) Modular Pumptrack is ideal for medium volume ‘public’ play space environments.

Whereas in a holiday park or caravan park, pump tracks are often only open for use by guests of the park. This restricts access and limits the number of pump track users.

Most small to medium holiday parks choose the Park Edition (fibreglass) or the Event Edition (composite) pump track.  These pump tracks offer exactly the same precise geometry, certification and ‘flow’ as the precast concrete pump tracks.

The Park Edition (fibreglass) and Events Edition (composite) Modular Pumptracks allow you to choose different colour combinations. And for a little extra cost, you can choose your company’s branding colours using the RAL colour chart.  Once assembled, logo’s can also be easily added to your pump track by your local decal printer.


A ballpark price for your pump track

Park Edition (fibreglass) Modular Pumptrack start from AUD $86,000*(+GST)

Landscape Edition (precast concrete) Modular Pumptrack start from AUD $96,000* (+GST) 

Events Edition (composite) Modular Pumptrack start from AUD $52,000* (+GST)

These prices include: full design customisation if required, international shipping, customs clearance, unpacking with the complete package on pallets ready for your collection or delivery (quotations for delivery upon request) from our logistics facility in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Fremantle.

Important to note:

*Because Modular Pumptracks are made in Europe, these prices are a guide and are subject to European exchange rate & international shipping cost fluctuations.

For more information or a quote contact Shaun on 0411423773 or email

Published On: November 3rd, 2020Categories: Product Information