Designing and building bespoke playgrounds that kids and their carers love is a specialist field. We spoke to three experts in the design and assembly of playspaces to find out why they like working with our Modular Pumptracks. 

Seamless installation for this community pump track

The team at UrbanPlay worked with Parkitect, LandPlan Landscape Architecture, and JMAC to deliver a custom-designed Modular Pumptrack for the local Charters Towers community. Completed in February 2022 at Defiance Mill Park, the 160-metre-long pump track has become a popular attraction for families from around the region.

“Parkitect makes it simple”, explains UrbanPlay project manager Benjamin Heckenberg. “Their pre-engineered and certified modules made it easy for assembly and installation. You know exactly what you’re getting. And it’s easy to work out how to install the tracks with their self-installation manual.” 


“Parkitect even provided a special harness to help unload the trucks. This made the installation process seamless.”

The aim of the Defiance Mill Pump Track was to “reinvigorate cycle-based activities for Charters Towers residents by providing a venue for bike, scooter, and skateboard riders to showcase their skills and gain confidence in all manner of aerial and non-aerial maneuvers.”


According to Charters Towers Mayor Cr Frank Beveridge, the launch of the track was a great success:  

“To see all the kids on the track with their bikes and scooters, some wearing the biggest of grins on their faces, is a true sign that the addition of this new facility was something that the community was waiting for”.


Great pump track design is ‘built-in’

The team at Park-Life have designed, built, and supplied over 500 playspace projects. Based in Christchurch New Zealand, the company is owned by husband-and-wife team Cameron Rennie and Sally Farmer. 

Cameron’s experience as a landscape architect has given him an insight into the difficulty councils had when building a community pump track ‘from scratch’. 

“I saw how council projects would get bogged down trying to design and build bespoke pump tracks,” explains Cameron. “Not only were tracks a challenge to build, sometimes the track was simply not fit for purpose.” 

“When I learned about Parkitect’s Modular Pumptracks, I thought they were fantastic. Not only for their fundamental design but for how quickly they could ‘get into the ground’.” 

“Modular Pumptracks are a good example where great design is built-in. They really work and clients don’t need to worry about the design – it’s all done. 


“It’s a far cry from the days of old where communities would organise a working bee to build a dirt track for the kids to ride around. “

Cameron’s landscape architecture skills also come in handy. He’s able to create a plan to show people how the pump track will fit in within the overall space.

New pump track design makes assembly even quicker

Phil Pollard, Owner and Founder of Bendigo-based iassembleit has been involved in playspace construction for 9 years now. 

Phil and his team have developed a reputation and expertise in the assembly of all types of structures, including building playground elements for local councils.His new venture assemblePlay focuses on commercial playgrounds, street furniture, shade sails, shade structures, equipment sourcing, pump tracks and playground removal. 

According to Phil, “COVID put a focus on families finding somewhere safe for kids to play outside. Many organisations find it difficult to contract someone to help build and construct playgrounds, especially in regional areas.”

And we’re pleased to hear that Phil loves working with our Modular Pumptracks. 

“I could build pump tracks all the time,” exclaims Phil. “Shaun is very helpful with the instructions and guidance on assembling their pump track products.” 

He notes that Parkitect has a new pump track version and this has changed the way they assemble the track. 

“The new Park Edition fibreglass Modular Pumptracks are very easy to assemble. Their design means the connectors, locator pins, and bolts are easy to access and adjust.”

Watch YouTube Clip from Assemble Play at BIG4 Sandstone Point

“With the Park Edition, it might take two people about four hours to unpack the pallets and get on with the assembly. The design makes it straightforward. Parkitect supplies a maintenance kit with spare parts – also really convenient.”

“More and more councils are wanting to install a pump track as they see their popularity with kids and families.” 

Easy assembly. Proven performance. Outstanding quality.

Did you ever have a Meccano set when you were young? Using your imagination, you could effortlessly connect the kit pieces to build all sorts of amazing creations.

Like Meccano, we’ve based our Modular Pumptrack system on a clever design using pre-engineered modules that allow for easy assembly. 


Not only does this lead to a headache-free process for your next playspace project – you’ll be providing the safest most enjoyable fun for kids of all ages!

Want to know more about how we can help create your pump track? 

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Published On: August 30th, 2022Categories: Product Information