As we see more pump tracks being installed in local parks across the country, it’s clear that they’re providing ‘something different’ for kids. They’re also ticking the boxes for local councils, holiday parks and playground designers for a whole lot of reasons we’ll explore here.

Why kids love a pump track

When a pump track was installed in the remote WA township of Laverton, its popularity took off straight away.

According to Shire president Patrick Hill, “Since it’s been erected, the kids haven’t been off it, it’s great. They absolutely love it.”

Most Aussie kids are hooked on connecting with their friends online.

But there’s nothing like jumping on your wheels and heading out to the local park with your mates.

From toddlers to teenagers, there are the obvious social benefits of active play and having fun with others.

“Testing your skills and showing others what you can do has always been part of being a kid,” said Shaun Leicester, founder and managing director of Parkitect Australia.

“We find kids seem to ‘get’ riding a pump track much faster than adults There’s a skill to making the most of every bump and curve. As riders gain confidence, they can try riding faster and jumping higher. Actually, it’s pure joy for kids once they get the hang of it.“

Whether it’s a skateboard, scooter or a bike, a pump track is great for everyone from beginners to the urban pro!


Why Local Councils in Australia love Modular Pumptracks

When it comes to choosing playspace equipment for local parks, local councils consider a range of factors.

Important criteria like suitability for the site, the needs of locals, low cost, safety, ease of installation, pre-engineered, certified, low impact on the environment and how well the chosen equipment caters for different ages, are all considered.

Luckily, a Modular Pumptrack fits the bill.

One of our recent installations was at a community park 17 kms from Melbourne’s CBD.



New Modular Pumptrack at Curlew Community Park, Laverton, Victoria

When Hobsons Bay City Council installed a Modular Pumptrack in their newly upgraded Curlew Community Park, they immediately saw how popular the track was with children of all ages.

“When we did our community consultation, we found that people wanted somewhere that kids could safely play and increase their bike-riding skills. Having a skateable area was also popular,” explained Christa Mitchell, the Council’s senior designer. 

“We were worried about not having enough space for a more traditional skate park. Parkitect’s Modular Pumptrack gave us real flexibility. It could be designed to fit into the space we had and it appealed to different age groups with varying skill levels.”

The Council’s precast concrete Modular Pumptrack was installed by JMac Construction in October 2019.

“On the day of the opening, the crowd enjoyed a demonstration by a professional skateboarder and a pro-BMX rider. It was great! Since then, we’ve received lots of positive feedback – and no negative feedback,” said Christa Mitchell.  “It works for kids of all ages, including older kids, who often get left out when playgrounds and parks are built.”


No complicated engineering with Parkitect Modular Pumptracks

Another big plus for local councils and landscape architects is the simplicity and modular nature of Parkitect’s pump tracks.

Installation is not a complicated engineering feat. Comprehensive documentation outlines the step-by-step installation process.

We designed pre-engineered pump track modules to connect easily, making DIY assembly very simple .


Safety is one of the big bonuses of riding a Modular Pumptrack

Parents love extracting their kids from their computers or smartphones and sending them outside for a bit of active fun and fresh air.

Safety is also a key concern for parents and local councils.

Our Modular Pumptracks are designed with safety in mind. They’re TÜV certified, so they’ve met rigorous, internationally recognised tests for safety.


Key Modular Pumptrack safety features include:

  • An anti-slip riding surface, makes them suitable to use in all seasons.
  • Their low profile means that they’re often safer than other more traditional playground equipment, such as swings.
  • The width of their track loop encourages riding in one direction – much safer than other track options like asphalt pump tracks where ‘track cross-overs’ can cause countless accidents

Of course, we always recommend that riders of all ages wear a helmet. Where riders are really testing their skills and pushing their limits, elbow and knee pads and gloves can also come in handy.

New local neighbourhood pump tracks are now open around Australia. With more opening this year.

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To find out how a Parkitect Modular Pumptrack could work in your local park, call Shaun at Parkitect Australia on 0411 423 773

Published On: October 28th, 2020Categories: Public Parks and Play Spaces