Track Type: Concrete

Curlew Community Park

This reserve had a major facelift in 2019. The precast concrete Modular Pumptrack was integrated into the landscape, adding enormous appeal.

2021-11-03T15:46:12+10:30September 9th, 2021|
Parkitect Modular Pumptrack Charles Moroney Park

Charles Moroney Park

As part of the $4.25m upgrade to Charles Moroney Park, a pre-cast concrete Modular Pumptrack was seamlessly integrated into the landscape.

2021-11-03T15:36:40+10:30July 14th, 2021|
Parkitect Modular Pumptrack Heatley Park Townsville

Heatley Park

The $3M upgrade plan for Heatley Park included a pre-cast concrete Modular Pumptrack aimed at encouraging shared play and improving fitness.

2021-11-03T16:04:24+10:30September 9th, 2021|
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